Who we are
K Block is a collective of experts in clean technologies, environmental engineering and sustainable business and industry. Our mission is to improve the quality of information flow from the sciences to businesses.
Technical Due Diligence
Sustainable technologies have never been more important – hire our talent for an independent deep-dive on your project, your development road-map and your path-to-market.
Save time and money with the right questions.
Communications & Events
Hire our talent for speaking engagements or training in keynote speaking, media preparation and technical conferences. Planning an international event? Training your sales staff?
We can help!
Digitisation & Design
Our talent has experience in software, web-solutions, and media and design for science and environmental engineering. From a flow chart to an MVP for a new concept,
we can make that.
A taste of our talent
Marjolein Vanoppen
Speaking engagements
Communications training
Pieter Naert
Green chemistry
technical deep-dive
Stephen Andersen
Environmental Engineering
Technical Due Diligence